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FlightSimTube  - This site is dedicated to flight simulator videos and screenshots.  You can upload your own videos to share, rate your favourite flight sim videos, and create your own blog space under the flightsimtube.com domain.  More videos in the Aviation Videos and Animation page.

Tattoos in Flight

Tattoos in Flight  - A gallery of flight and aviation-related tattoos collected from around the web.  The artwork is quite impressive and worth a look.  This site is operated by a private pilot with a few tats of his own.  Hear an interview with him on Episode 3 of the Airplane Geeks Podcast.  Find other aviation images in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page.


Skylines  - This UK-based virtual airline operates solely on the IVAO network and has routes throughout Europe.  It provides a realistic, airline-like environment, providing all the information required for the flight.  Skylines also takes the hassle of PIREPS away with its Automatic Pirep System.  The Flight Simulation > Virtual Airlines page has a number of other VA's you can consider.

Click Virtual Air

Click Virtual Air  - With operations started on April 12, 2008, the intent of this virtual is to branch a Spain-based airline into the U.S. and make it a low-cost carrier.  Columbus Ohio (CMH) is the base, and they fly Airbus 320 and 330 aircraft, Boeing 737's and ERJ 170's on 25 non-stop routes.  Hubs in Atlanta and Boston serve Berlin, Germany.  The Flight Simulation > Virtual Airlines page has a number of other VA's you can check out.

Fly-In Calendar

Fly-In Calendar  - Find fly-in events and airshows in the U.S.  See upcoming fly-in and aviation events for the weekend, or a month at a glance calendar, or events by month.  You can even restrict the list to the state(s) you want to view.  For each event there is information about the event, links, and contact information.  A very usable site!  More sites in the Aviation Events section.


WikiAir.com  - The airline crew encyclopedia that anyone can edit.  The goal is to create an editable and free source of information for flight crews and business travelers worldwide.  This web site can be a great resource where everyone can share their individual lists of things to see and do on the road.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities section for other wiki.

Marriage with altitude

Marriage with altitude  - A British woman married to a commercial pilot blogs about their our life, what she thinks about the industry, and how they cope with its unique ups and downs.

One Bag

One Bag  - This is all about the "Art and Science of travelling light"  They tell you what to pack, what to pack it in, and how to pack it.  You'll find contact information for suppliers of specialty items, recommended books on related topics, as well as a compilation of travel industry links with airlines, hotels, car rentals, country/airport/airline codes, plus tools for checking real-time flight status and airport delay conditions.  The Air Travel page has many other resources for air travelers.


Jetrecord  - Pilots can log flights and share stories with this online logbook that lets you access records through your web browser or any other web-enabled device like a smartphone, Blackberry, or iPhone.  Launching in June 2008, they have a blog and a database of 20,000 US and Canadian airports and 3,000 navaids.  Jetrecord supports logging flights via Twitter, which also means you can log flights anywhere you can send a text message.  The Aviation Software > Pilot Software section has additional logbook options and other resources for pilots.


Compare-Airlines.net  - Community reviews let you compare airlines based on price/quality ratio, ground service quality, onboard service quality, baggage handling, and punctuality.  An airline comparison per route is also available.  Now in beta.


PointNiner  - Satisfying an unnatural infatuation with airplanes and rockets through all things humorous and interesting happening in the world of aerospace.  This blog presents interesting current news with photos and videos.


Yapta  - With this flight planning service, you can tag flights from your favorite airline sites and Yapta will email you when prices drop.  After you buy, Yapta can help you get a voucher or refund from the airline when the price drops below what you paid.  Many more resources in the Air Travel Deals page.

TakeOff Tube

TakeOff Tube  - Share your aviation videos and watch others for free: airlines, aircraft models, parachutes & paragliding, military, GA, helicopters, incidents, airships, humor.  Upload and tag your videos in almost any video format and easily share them with everyone.  For websites, see our Aviation Videos and Animation page.


FS-MP.com  - This FSX multiplayer online flying community provides a realistic flying and controlling environment for those looking to advance their flying experience.  FS-MP expects you to already have gained enough FS experience to be able to fly aircraft under both VFR & IFR, and be able to do so while under realistic ATC, from trained FSMP Controllers.  Flight simmers will find lots of good websites in the Flight Simulation page.

World Airport News

World Airport News  - A free on-line community where people in the airline industry can interact with other airline and airport employees, and with consumers.  Try this site if you are curious about finding positions with the airlines, airline/airport layoffs, security, how to get into the industry, or just to meet people inside the industry.  Also consider the many other sites in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.


Enviro.aero  - An initiative of the commercial aviation industry seeking to provide information on industry measures underway to limit the impact of aviation on the environment.  Enviro.aero has created a YouTube site where you can watch videos related to aviation and the environment.  See the Airlines > Green Sites section for other sites.


GreenSky  - An international publication dedicated to aviation and the environment.  Available online and in print, it looks at aircraft, airlines, airports, hangars, maintenance facilities, and air traffic control.  The Spring issue covers Scandinavian Airlines intent to cut its carbon emissions by 20%, the engine wash systems, alternative fuels, the implications of emissions trading, and more.

Build Your Own Paper Air Force

Build Your Own Paper Air Force: 1000s of Paper Airplane Designs on CD to Print Out and Make contains 35 amazing model paper airplanes to print out, fold, and fly.  The book contains detailed instructions which explain how to assemble each aircraft, and the CD contains ready-to-print templates, plus a whole range of patterns and colors allowing thousands of different aircraft to be made.

Flight Simulator World

Flight Simulator World  - A fast-growing community and resource for flight simulator fans.  They've got a very active forum, FS news, a Flight Simulator Knowledge Base, flight sim reviews, a large image gallery, downloads, and a top sites page.  Flight simmers will find lots of good websites in the Flight Simulation page.

Arizona Keough

Arizona Keough  - This really interesting blog is authored by a pilot who is an aviation marketing and public relations consultant, and who also writes for some aviation and warbird websites.  He's active with social networks and you can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

SR-71 Blackbird Titanium

SR-71 Blackbird Titanium  - You can custom order items made from authentic parts of SR-71 Blackbirds.  Dan Freeman, a retired USAF SR-71 Machinist, fabricates collectibles from the world record setting SR-71 Blackbirds: coins, rings, swizzle sticks, bracelets, money clips, key chains, ball markers, and other items.  Find other interesting sites in the Aviation Memorabilia and Collectibles page.


BoredPilot.com  - Pilots can search airports for activities like food, sports, culture, and other things to keep them busy on overnights and layovers.  This free service was created by a corporate pilot.  Pilots are encouraged to post their activities and help get this new site started.  Find other great web pages in the Pilot Resources section.

Pilots in Pink

Pilots in Pink  - This site carries pilot gear for women.  It's goal is to provide clothing, bags, headsets, and related gear in pink to show pride and professionalism in being both a woman and a pilot.  You'll also find links to create a community of women pilots.  This is a new site with products being added all the time.  You can find other products in the Aviation Merchandise > Pilot Shops section.

Women Soar-You Soar

Women Soar-You Soar  - This program offers young girls the opportunity to experience truly unique, hands-on aviation and aeronautics education through workshops and mentoring.  They hope to strengthen the connections of women within the aviation field, as well as female representation in math and science-oriented fields by encouraging young women to participate in a 2-day conference July 28-29, 2008 at the EAA Aviation Center in Oshkosh.  See the site blog post for more information.

Texan Flight

Texan Flight  - Take a Warbird ride in the T-6 Texan and fly it yourself!  Fun flights, acrobatics, dual instruction, and sightseeing along the Blue Ridge mountains.  Operating out of Culpeper, Virgina and serving all of Northern Virgina, Washington, DC, Maryland, and Southern Pennsylvania.  Look in the Aircraft Rent-A-Ride > Fighter and Warbird Rides section for other great rides.

Idle Time Software

Idle Time Software  - Offering cinematic animation screen savers for PC and Mac: the free Holding Pattern Coach Class with 15 aerial views, and the paid, First Class with 57 aerial views, "gentle, realistic flight animation, relaxing engine audio, user-settable options, and more."  The Aviation Software > Screen Savers, Cursors, and Desktop Themes section has others for you.

Peter Greenberg Worldwide

Peter Greenberg Worldwide  - Peter Greenberg is a travel journalist with extensive experience in the field.  He tends to focus on the journey, rather than on the destination, and offers the traveler insider tips and recommendations.  For travel news, information, help, and great resources, check out this site.  The Air Travel page has many other resources for air travelers.

Airliners International 2008

Airline Collectibles Superstore  - After years of collecting aviation items, this site offers a wide variety of collectibles from domestic and international airlines past and present.  See them at Airliners International 2008, where you'll find hundreds of tables of airline and aviation collectibles - July 10-12, 2008 in Dallas, Texas.  Find other interesting sites in the Aviation Memorabilia and Collectibles page.


Aerosales.aero  - This is a new, one-stop trading site for worldwide sale and purchase of aircraft and aviation related equipment.  Look for private and business aircraft, helicopters, ex-military aircraft, aerobatic planes, and others.  On the Aircraft Sales, Classifieds, For Sale, Wanted page you can find other resources for aviation buyers and sellers.

Aim Higher Jets

Aim Higher Jets  - Diecast and custom mahogany military aircraft models.  They have bombers, fighter and attack aircraft, helicopters, recon planes, transports and trainers.  Special discounts for Squadron and UPT classes.  They'll even send you photos of your completed model before it ships.  The Aircraft Models page has many other sources.


AviationNews.net  - Complete, current industry news: airport news, airline and aircraft news, and regulatory news.  Also, current RFP's and business opportunities.  Published by AAAE Services Corp., a division of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE).  The Aviation News page has links to other sites where you can find current aviation news stories and information.


FINDairlinecards.com  - Browse reviews, opinions, and applications from major airlines that distribute credit cards.  Get in-depth knowledge from their article database, along with user reviews of travel credit cards.  The Airlines page has links to airline websites and airline related resources.

Sky High Careers

Sky High Careers  - Flight attendant job interview training: how to interview successfully, what to expect, and what qualities/qualifications airlines look for.  They offer group seminar training which parallels an actual airline interview, and online interview process training.  Find other flight attendant and crew resources in the Flight Attendants & Crew page.


IntoFlight  - The new IntoFlight community-driven resource for pilots has just gone live.  You can find information about all sorts of aircraft, either the model in general or about individual planes.  Add your own photos and reviews of your plane, or look for one to purchase through their aggregation of aircraft classifieds from across the web.  A number of additional features are on the way at this useful site.  Find other great web pages in the Pilot Resources section.


OpenAirNet  - Aviation Web design and database development.  Affordable aviation websites built for pilots by pilots.  Static and database-driven websites written in Classic ASP or ASP.Net with SQL Server 2005/Microsoft Access.  Their programmers are all Private Pilots, they all own their own aircraft, and a few are actually building experimental aircraft.  See the Website Design, and Hosting page for additional resources.

Ask a CFI

Ask a CFI  - A blog and forum by a flight instructor where you can ask your flight training and aviation questions.  He's there to help student and licensed pilots find information and answers to questions and problems they might have.  There is a lot of interesting and useful information to be found here.  The Aviation Training and Education > Training Blogs/Podcasts section has other good sites.

Airliner Blog

Airliner Blog  - An actively managed blog with informative and fun content about airlines, pilots, passengers and air travel.  The blog runs special series like "Long Lost Airlines," and "What Airplane is that?"  The Airlines > Blogs and Podcasts section has other good sites.

Dream Big Flyers

Dream Big Flyers  - Aviation T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, denim shirts, tote bags, and stone coasters with images of air racing, general aviation, air shows, pioneers of flight, WWI, WWII, jet fighters, USAF.  You can find other sources for gifts on the Aviation Merchandise page.


MyAerodrome.com  - A new social networking site for anyone with an interest in aviation - flightsimmers, pilots, and all fans of aviation and flying.  Meet other people with common interests, share photos and videos, view member blogs, read articles, and more.  Also consider the other sites in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.

Timberwolf Aviation

Timberwolf Aviation  - A virtual airline serving western Canada and Alaska.  They provide an active pilot's community and a number of solo missions as well as weekly multiplayer sessions.  Timberwolf pilots experience a wide range of missions, planes, and scenery by working their way up the pilot ranks in three wholly owned divisions.  The Flight Simulation > Virtual Airlines page has a number of other VA's you can check out.

Ghost Grey Aviation Magazine

Ghost Grey Aviation Magazine presents a selection of online articles, reviews, photo tours, and other writings on military and civil aviation of all periods.  Ghost Grey is the creation of Gaëtan Marie, who also brings us Mustang! and Gaëtan Marie's Aviation Profiles with beautiful aircraft profiles.


Aircell provides broadband access that allows passengers to use their Wi-Fi enabled laptop and handheld mobile devices in-flight to connect to the Internet.  The system works through an air-to-ground link with existing cellular technologies.  Aircell has announced their in-flight internet service Gogo™ which offers in-flight shopping, sport scores, news headlines, email.  View upcoming routes and even have a little online fun with Gogo:the game.  Look for Gogo Inflight Internet on American Airlines and Virgin America flights in 2008.  See Airlines > Inflight Internet for other information.

Starbrook Airlines

Starbrook Airlines is a Belgian chocolate company, founded in 1998 and utilizing retro-style packaging with stewardesses, pilots, and airplanes that evoke the style of the early 50's aviation era.  Oil paint and watercolour illustrations are by the artist Jaak De Koninck, which he produces to portray his world of airplanes, air hostesses, and of nearly everything to do with flying.  Available from Cioccolato, and others.  See the Aviation Theme Establishments page for restaurants, inns, and other aviation-themed businesses.

David Palermo

David Palermo has created stunning 360° images of aircraft cockpits at the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy Museum.  These include the B-29 Superfortress "ENOLA GAY," the Concorde, the Gemini VII and Mercury "Freedom 7 II" capsules, the Lockheed Martin X-35, and others.   Read more about the photographer and the images in the Thirty Thousand Feet Blog interview with Palermo.  Find other aviation image sites in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page.

Flights From Hell

Flights From Hell  - True stories about the adventures and anxieties of commercial airline flights, written by passengers and flight crews, plus news articles and online stores about "flights from hell."  Take a wild ride into the unknown skies!  The Air Travel page has many other resources for air travelers.

Cody Flyer Project

Cody Flyer Project  - A full size replica of British Army Aeroplane No 1A in which Samuel F. Cody recorded the first officially recognised powered flight in the UK on 16 October 1908.  Supporting the celebrations of 100 years of powered flight in the UK, the replica is planned to be on display at the Farnborough International Airshow in July 2008 and will form the centerpiece for centenary celebrations in October 2008.

SimCorp Flight Training

SimCorp Flight Training Inc.  - SimCorp seeks to provide next generation modern commercial type rating jet programs that are as comprehensive as those offered by airlines to their pilots.  They have programs for the B727, B737, A320, and A330, and are in the process of finalizing A340, B747, and B777 programs.  Also, they strive to provide flight instruction that is almost custom tailored to each student.  Multiple U.S. locations.  Look in the Aviation Training and Education page for flight training providers and other resources.

Aviation Headquarters

Aviation Headquarters  - Portal de aviación para la comunidad de habla hispana.  Noticias, regulaciones, videos, industria y mucho más.  ˇToda la aviación en un sólo lugar!  The Aviation Directories, Portals, and Link Lists page has many other sites.

Classic Insignia

Classic Insignia, Inc.  - Classic aviation nose art and logo restoration, graphic design, and printing services.  Serving airlines and military historian enthusiasts.  with nose art graphics and pinup artwork for business logos and marketing needs, cars, boats, motorcycles, radio controled models, or your aircraft.  Find a few other nose art sites in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork > Aircraft Nose Art section.


E-Goat  - The unofficial Royal Air Force rumour network and online community where members and ex-members of the UK's Royal Air Force can chat about military and non-military subjects.  You'll find information on military resettlement, training, news, current affairs, clubs, welfare, RAF rumour control, adventure training, crew room banter, and much much more.  The Military Aviation page has other resources.

Flight Salary

Flight Salary  - This site offers a new approach to providing airline pilot pay and retirement information.  Unlike other sites that feature similar information, it has an interactive format that give each visitor a unique and personalized view of current and long term career earnings potential.  Find other resources in the Pilot Resources section.

International Airport Data

International Airport Data  - Find airport data for thousands of airports around the world.  Gulfstream Aerospace pilots may also calculate fuel cost savings by finding out how much money they will save per gallon by tankering fuel to their destination.  Use your iPhone to see fuel cost evaluations depending on your flight profile, METAR, GMT, DST, TAF and NOTAMS.  The Flight Planning and Navigation page has other resources.

Sun 'n Fun Fly-In

Sun 'n Fun Fly-In  - The 34th annual event features static display aircraft, over 500 commercial exhibits, Ladies Pavilion, Parts Exchange, and a daily airshow.  The USAF Thunderbirds are scheduled to be present throughout the show and perform on Saturday and Sunday.  Over 450 educational forums and hands-on workshops will be available.  April 8 - 13, 2008, Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Florida.  Find aviation air shows, conferences, and other activities listed in the Aviation Events page.


InsideTrip  - This new travel site lets you search for airfares, but it considers a "TripQuality score" that factors in price, speed (number of stops, travel duration, on-time stats, and security wait time), comfort (legroom, aircraft type, aircraft age, and seats filled percentage), and ease (connect time, routing quality, lost bags rank, and gate location).  See The New York Times review, A Web Site Tries to Redefine Value. (Free registration required.)  This site does not work with all browsers and requires Javascript turned on.  Many more sources in the Air Travel Deals page.

Bradford Camps Sikorsky Weekend

Bradford Camps Sikorsky Weekend  - This seminar is given each year at the North Maine Woods sportsman's camp of Igor I. Sikorsky III.  Topics include the development of the helicopter, the early years of aviation in Russia, and the Pan Am clipper ships.  It's a rare opportunity to see family memorablia and learn the fascinating history of Igor Sikorsky.  July 4-6, 2008.  I can personally recommend this as an experience you'll always remember.

Swamp Cartoons

Swamp Cartoons by Gary Clark  - Featuring Ding Duck, the world's worst flying student.  In spite of 5397 flying lessons at last count, he still can't fly.  Follow his attempts to fly as he encounters air traffic controllers, flight theory exams, lift and drag, and all those pressures on pilots to get their wings.  Ding Duck is a well-known icon in the aviation industry in Australia and throughout the world.  Readers can subscribe to receive daily Swamp cartoons.  More funny stuff in the Aviation Humor page.

Nashville Skydiving

Nashville Skydiving  - Using tandem progression and static line progression as their methods of training, they can train you to become a fully certified skydiver, if that is your goal.  Instructors are United States Parachute Association certified and they provide all the equipment you will need.  Open seven days a week, weather permitting.  They are located at the Russellville/Logan County Regional Airport (4M7) in Russellville, Kentucky, with a dropzone about 65 miles north of Nashville, Tennessee and 25 miles southwest of Bowling Green, Kentucky.  The Parachutes and Skydiving page has other drop zone sites.

MNA Airlines

MNA Airlines  - A new virtual airline based in Birmingham UK.  The website is packed with features and uses the amazing VAFS3 client from VAFS for their Pirep system.  Go check out this really slick site and immerse yourself in flight simulation.  The Flight Simulation > Virtual Airlines page has a number of other VA's you can consider.


WxNotice.com  - This service is designed for pilots and pushes aviation weather reports to your cell phone as an SMS (Short Message Service) or MMS (Multimedia Messaging System) text message.  Get Metar, TAF, and others for any airport.  Also available are weather map images: Satellite, Radar, NexRad, Forecast and Storm Front images.  The Aviation Weather page has links to other useful resources.

Swede Jets

Swede Jets  - Jet fighter rides in Sweden and Russia.  Their de Havilland Vampire jet is based in Stockholm and is available for 20 and 40 minute flights.  Extreme jet flight experiences in Russia include accomodations and are available in the Mig-29, Mig 31, and L-39.  Look in the Aircraft Rent-A-Ride > Fighter and Warbird Rides section for other great rides.

Waypoint Magazine

Waypoint AirMed & Rescue Magazine  - Aero-medical and rescue industry news, features, spotlights, industry debates, and technical papers.  You'll find the latest information on all things air rescue: medical equipment, fuel-saving technologies, real life case studies, technical papers from industry thought leaders and much more.  The Aviation Medical, Rescue, and Firefighting page has other sites to check out.

Garcia Aviation

Garcia Aviation Co.  - Online Aviation and Military catalogs with hundreds of items offered for sale.  The military product line has antique military insignia, World War One and World War Two items, vintage field gear, military 8 day clocks, and more.  The aviation product line includes vintage aviation memorabilia, insignia, flight jackets, headgear, and other items you're not likely to fine elsewhere.  An Aviation Model Catalog is available with over 250 aircraft models of wood, resin, and plastic.  Find other interesting items in the Aviation Memorabilia and Collectibles page.


ARFF.info  - The official forum of the ARFF Working Group, and an Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting information resource.  This forum is quite active, with sections for general ARFF discussions, apparatus and equipment, ARFF training issues, airport alerts, military ARFF, employment opportunities, and a forum for Latin American airport fire fighters.  The Aviation Medical, Rescue, and Firefighting page has other sites to check out.

Apex Aviation Services

Apex Aviation Services  - Providing appraisals and inspections for all types of aircraft, from General Aviation, through Warbirds, to Corporate.  NAAA Certified Appraisals can be constructed to suit your aircraft buying, selling, and inspection requirements.  They offer a few appraisal tips on the website, as well as an Appraisals FAQ and some information about appraisal basics.  The Consultants & Professional Services > Appraisal Services section has others providing such services.


DutchOps.com  - "Quality Aviation Photography and Aircraft Technical Database."  This site contains many very good aviation pictures, ranging from airliners to fighters.  Most aircraft are described in detail with interesting facts and figures.  Find other picture sites on the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page.


Mustang!  - At this site you'll find a collection of articles, historic photographs, documents, videos, a P-51 bibliography, and excellent profile art related to the North American P-51 Mustang.  See the webmaster's other site, Gaëtan Marie's Aviation Profiles for beautiful profiles of aircraft from both World Wars, the period between, and the modern era.  The Military Aviation page has other resources.

Aero TV

Aero TV  - The folks at Aero-News.net have created a great aviation video news site.  The clips primarily cover general aviation topics, but you'll also find pieces on military, commercial, and business aviation items.  The videos play smoothly right in your browser.  The Aviation News page has links to other sites where you can find current aviation news stories and information.

Aircraft ownership podcasts

If you missed the four podcasts about purchasing and owning your own airplane, be sure to find them at Airspeed (Legal Aaspects of Aircraft Ownership), The Finer Points (Own It - Aviation Podcast #105), The Pilot's Flight PodLog (Episode 19, Ownership), and Uncontrolled Airspace (Episode 66, Podmation Flightcast).

The Podcasts page has links to these and other aviation recordings you can listen to on your computer.

Evolution of Security

Evolution of Security  - This blog is sponsored by the Transportation Security Administration to facilitate an ongoing dialogue on innovations in security, technology and the checkpoint screening process.  Comment volume is very heavy on airport security issues faced by all air travelers.  The Aviation Security page has links to other aviation and travel security websites.

Pick Up My Trip

Pick Up My Trip  - Not all airlines allow crewmember-to-crewmember schedule changes where one crewmember offers some "incentive" to another.  This website offers "a high degree of safety and anonymity to trip listing crewmembers, whether you are offering incentives or not." They say your identity is safe from any person or carrier you do not wish to share it with.  Find other flight attendant and crew resources on the Flight Attendants & Crew page.

Trintec Industries

Trintec Industries Inc.  - Offering a large selection of unique high-quality aviation gifts for aviation enthusiasts: instrument clocks, wall clocks, propeller clocks, barometers, pen sets, key chains, magnets, coasters, mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts.  You can find other sources for gifts on the Aviation Merchandise page.

21st Century Airships Team

21st Century Airships Team Inc.  - A research and development company for airship technologies and manufacturer of state-of-the-art airships.  Current projects include a 19-passenger purpose-designed sightseeing airship, a prototype Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for medium altitude, and a prototype heavy-lift airship.  The Airships & Balloons page offers other resources.

FLYIT Simulators

FLYIT Simulators  - Professional and personal flight simulators.  FAA approved fixed wing and rotorcraft devices for flight training: desktop control panels, motion platforms, cockpits, display systems, and complete simulation environments for general aviation, commercial, and military aircraft.  The Flight Simulation page has many other simulation resources.

Aviation Earth

Aviation Earth  - "The growing aviation database."  This site has pages with information on a wide variety of aviation topics: flight theory, aircraft data (including photos, videos, and specs), and aircraft manufacturer data.  The downloads page includes wallpapers and screensavers.  See the Aviation FAQs and Facts page for lots of other data sources.

Goodwill Ambassablog

Goodwill Ambassablog  - San Diego International Airport... from the perspective of Airport Authority employee bloggers.  This is a really fresh and creative way for airport employees to share information and activities with others.

World Airport Database

World Airport Database  - One of the largest airport databases in the world with information on over 33,000 airports in 230 countries.  Search for airports by name, city, ICAO, IATA, or FAA code and see airport identification information, location information, airport type, use, elevation, number of runways, UTC time zone, and an aerial map.  Look at the Airports > Airport Directories, Maps, Information page for other airport data sites.

WingWeb Classic aircraft

WingWeb Classic aircraft  - Classic jet aircraft from the Avro Vulcan to the XB-70 Valkyrie with complete descriptions, photographs, and specifications.  Also, an aircraft image gallery, aviation book reviews, and aviation news.  See our Airplanes page for other sites.


SportPlanes.TV  - This site is dedicated to sport aviation and allows you to share your photo's and video's, browse aviation classified's, and post questions and answers in the forums.  Upload videos and pictures of your homebuilt project, or instructional videos on how you went about building your plane and any modifications you made.  You'll also find links to builder pages and builder resources.  For more on these topics, see our Aviation Videos and Animation, Aircraft Sales, Classifieds, For Sale, Wanted and Homebuilt and Experimental Aircraft pages.


HomeBuiltAirplanes.com  - A discussion forum centered on homebuilt aircraft and the techniques for building and flying them.  Experimental Aircraft enthusiasts can get together to swap ideas, share stories, post pictures, publish technical data, and simply chit chat about aircraft.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities page for many other aviation message boards.

Mirror Image Graphite Gallery

Mirror Image Graphite Gallery  - Fantastic original graphite pencil drawings of aircraft and other subjects by artist Del Andrew.  Del strives for photo realism in his work, and he hits the mark.  The artwork is for sale, and commissions are accepted.  You and your plane would look great hanging on your office wall!  Find other great works in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork > Fine Art section.