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Aerolist.org  - A website dedicated to the aviation community and marketplace offering functionality similar to Craigslist.org - completely free of advertisements, pop-ups, and "Click Here" links.  They offer postings of aircraft for sale, flight sharing, aviation items for sale, aviation jobs, airpark's, fly-in vacation homes, aviation services, air taxi, and much more.  This site is just getting started so consider helping them out if you have something to sell.  There are many other sites in the Aircraft Sales, Classifieds, For Sale, Wanted page.


Aerhub  - This is a social network site where aviation professionals and enthusiasts can meet friends, view and post jobs, get the latest information in airline gossip, track live flights, and more.  Look for many more communities in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.

Live Airshow TV

Live Airshow TV  - This video-based marketing company serves the air show market with live onboard cameras as well as analysis and historical perspective.  These are presented on large LED screens right on the ramp.  Then they send that signal all over the world through a live Internet broadcast.  Find more sites in the Aviation Videos page.

Friends of Aviation

Friends of Aviation  - This non-profit organization seeks to create a dynamic, user-friendly, entertaining, and informative website for anyone at any level in any field of aviation. They aim to build a place for networking and friendship creation.  The Aviation Organizations page has other interesting groups.


aero.org.nz  - A New Zealand discussion forum for pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and industry insiders.  Breaking aviation news and relevant articles are added weekly.  The FlightDeck forum is the place to arrange cost sharing to aviation events, discuss safety issues, share details of recent flights and pictures and tell the NZ aviation community of your latest project, restoration, or rating.  Lots more communities in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.

Everest Skydive

Everest Skydive  - In this elete adventure, you can leap from 29,500 feet and freefall past Mount Everest on to the highest drop zone in the world at Shyangboche, 12,350 feet.  The 2009 event is scheduled in October for four groups of 12 - 15 members.  The Parachutes and Skydiving page has many other interesting websites.


RCX-TREME  - They carry RC airplanes, helicopters, blimps, and other vehicles.  Founded by RC hobby enthusiasts, they gear their business towards the newcomer and established RC hobby enthusiasts with level of difficulty recommendations.  Find other sites in the popular Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft page.

Living With Your Plane

Living With Your Plane  - A directory of airparks, a listing of airpark covenants, conditions and restrictions, a library of floor plans for homes with integrated hangars, and a directory of Aviation Professionals.  LWYP was organized by two retired co-publishers of General Aviation News.  The Residential Airparks page has other resources.

General Aviation News

General Aviation News  - Providing up-to-the-minute, factual details about all aspects of general aviation.  The print edition of GANews is published twice a month and the online content is updated every day.  If you're into GA, you need to follow GANews.  Look for other good sources in the Aviation News page.

Factual TV

Factual TV  - This site offers a large collection of aviation documentary videos.  Some are clips, others are full length documentaries.  All are legal and most are free to stream, but they can also be downloaded for a fee.  Some "premium" programmes are only available via a download, where the fee applies, but you can watch a free trailer to see if the specific video is something you want to pay for.  The Aviation Videos page has other sources.

Phighter Images

Phighter Images  - This pilot and former USAF crew chief has taken old parts and built them into functional furniture.  At this site, you'll find for sale items based on F-4 Phantom parts, Continental and P&W radial engines, Steerman pieces, aircraft machine guns and practice bombs, even Piper Cub bits and taxi runway markers.  Other gifts and novelty items are also there to be discovered.  Find more in the Aviation Products > Gifts section.

Mako's RC Jet Club

Mako's RC Jet Club  - This non-profit Florida club suppports all RC model airplanes and says they are "an easy-going bunch of RC flyers who love flight and whose main goal is to keep RC flying fun." They like to make a day at the field an enjoyable experience for the entire family as well as the RC flyer.  Be sure to check out the photo and video galleries!  Find other sites in the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft page.  Find a club near you in the list from Tower Hobbies.


AcceleratedFreeFall.com  - This free online guide is dedicated to first time Tandem, AFF, and Static Line jumpers.  It's an excellent resource for those getting started, and especially those who are thinking of trying it out.  The Parachutes and Skydiving page has many other interesting websites.

No Plane No Gain

No Plane No Gain  - This is a joint effort of the National Business Aviation Association and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, seeking to "educate the public on the importance of business aviation to our country and its communities, companies, and citizens."  The Aviation Organizations page has other interesting groups.

Moto Art

Moto Art  - These guys find salvaged airplane parts from all over the world and fabricate functional works of art as furniture.  Their collection encompasses a cross between museum quality art and ultra high-end furniture.  Their pieces are tributes to the aircrafts they came from.  Aviation history buffs and enthusiasts will want to check out this site for some one-of-a-kind items.  Find more in the Aviation Products > Gifts section.

Jet Trader Online

Jet Trader Online  - Buy or sell your aircraft at this online marketplace.  JTO is offering an "Emergency Aircraft Stimulus Package" of $99 until sold.  Don’t taxi around because this is a limited time offer.  Sell your aircraft fast by reaching the world’s largest aviation market at the special Stimulus price of only $99 until sold! This one-time fee includes all makes and models from helicopters to jets.


FltAdvisor  - Intelligent and predictive flight notifications for frequent travelers.  This fee-based service warns you of delays and cancellations up to 6 hours before your flight, identifies alternative flights on all carriers, calculates your connection time based on the real status of both the current flight and the connecting flight.  Find many more resources in the Air Travel page.


Planewear  - The hub for Planewear Apparel designed with an aviation theme, Jumpseat Bags with vintage aircraft textiles, SkyBelts original airplane buckle belts made with authentic airplane buckles in 22 interchangeable colors, and Jetbelts that can be branded with your company logo.  All by a former UAL flight attendant with a strong aviation bloodline: her father is a retired UAL Captain, one brother is a UAL pilot, and the other is a FedEx pilot.  Find more sites in the Aviation Products > Gifts section.

Draganfly Innovations

Draganfly Innovations Inc.  - A designer and manufacturer of small UAV's, including the the Draganflyer X6, a GPS-guided, hi-definition, aerial video and digital photography platform.  There is an X6 package for photographers, video production, police, military and education use.  Find other sites in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles page.

Flight Line Industries

Flight Line Industries  - An edgy and modern aviation apparel line designed to "bring back the passion of flight" to the younger generation.  They are a new and upcoming company with new shirts coming every month.  They'll be offering polo and button down shirts, jackets and bags in the near future.  Find other items in the Aviation Merchandise > Apparel section.

Jet Line

Jet Line  - This airline flight attendant offers "a sexy, classy clothing line for flight attendants."  She's got tank tops, long sleeves, and shorts that you can purchase online.  She says her "clothing line expresses how we feel about our life and what we love to do."  Find other items in the Aviation Merchandise > Apparel section.

The Historic Flying Clothing Company

And for aviation apparel of a different sort, The Historic Flying Clothing Company sells vintage flight clothing and equipment.  The company supplies a wide range of flight clothing and equipment from WW1 to the present day.  While they specialise in WW2 R.A.F. and U.S.A.A.F. gear, you will also find items from the Royal Flying Corps, Luftwaffe and other nationalities.

Pilot Outlook.com

Pilot Outlook.com  - This resource for aviators provides information on pilot training, flying clubs, and airports.  Find flying schools and instructors, browse through aircraft by manufacturer and model, look through over 22,000 United States airports, learn about different pilot licenses and their costs, browse a large directory of U.S. flying clubs.

Stories That Fly

Stories That Fly This is an innovative online community news venture that features the narratives, photography, and video from general aviation - all through a video wall interface that is quite remarkable.  Not yet publically launched, but you can see stories being uploaded now.


AeroChannel  - This resource allows travelers to share airport information.  It provides continuous live airport traffic, terminal, and flight and traveler information via Internet, wireless web, radio, television, text messaging, and 800 number services.  You'll find airport and travel tips, original features, and news of the airline and travel industry.  They also offer integration of local airport reports into the delivery platforms of radio, television, and Internet outlets.  The Air Travel page has other resources for passengers.

Smart Aviation Pix

Smart Aviation Pix  - This fascinating airplane ontology mashup, initially focused on general aviation and commercial airplanes, presents you with airplane photographs and data from Flickr, Freebase, Wikipedia, and other sources.  Use the power of new and innovative technologies to expand your reach.  Search by type, manufacturer, and model.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page for a large selection of other interesting sites.

Pilot Magazine

Pilot Magazine  - This magazine and online guide seeks to provide "edgy, newsworthy journalism" that appeals to younger and newer pilots and motivates change in the industry.  See also Pilot Lounge, an online community for pilots and flying enthusiasts: aviation profiles, personal web blogs, photo galleries, event guides, chat, and forums.  The Magazines and Periodicals page has a number of other good reads, and the Aviation Forums and Communities page has those sites.

Jet Ride Australia

Jet Ride Australia  - Providing adventure rides to the public in an L39 jet fighter capable of speed in excess of 900kph and stressed to 8 times the force of gravity.  Year-round flights.  Find other fighter rides in the Aircraft Rent-A-Ride > Fighter Rides section.

Microlight Aviation

Microlight Aviation  - A joint Indo-European consortium of Microlight, LSA, and Autogyro manufacturers created to promote and encourage light aviation as an affordable and economic mode of transport and other aviation related activities.  The aircraft are special Indianised versions specifically redesigned to endure the vagaries and extremities of the Indian weather while catering to the requirements of the Indian aviator.  More in the Ultralights, Microlights, and Trikes page.

Eurojet VA

Eurojet VA  - This virtual airline was started with the aim of providing an easy to fly VA with no hassles.  The Europe-based airline flys from major destinations such as Alicante in Spain, Belfast City Airport, and Heathrow Airport, plus many more.  A wide range of hubs fit differant pilots needs, anyone is welcome to join, and the fleet contains a wide range of planes, from the Airbus A320 to the Boeing 737 and 747.  They have a dedicated staff team running the airline.  See the Flight Simulation page for other FS sites.


Navimatics - Aero Charts aeronautical charts for the iPhone feature combined VFR+IFR information and Direct-to navigation.  This application is for mission planning and acts as a backup device.  Created by an enthusiastic aviator with airplane, seaplane, and helicopter ratings, including an instrument airplane rating.  See the Aviation Software > iPhone and iPod Touch section for others.

AvCrew.com, Inc.

AvCrew.com, Inc.  - A web-based service focusing on job seekers and employers in the business aviation sector.  For pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and other crew members seeking job opportunities or career related information.  In business since 1997.  The Aviation Employment page has other helpful sites.


Stop LASP  - Two pilots from Georgia who think the Large Aircraft Security Program is a bad idea for General Aviation.  This TSA proposal would impose airline-style security requirements on small airports and aircraft down to 12,500 pounds.  They have a have a stock letter urging your elected officials to say "No" and a link for you to deliver this message to them.


Aerovation  - Providers of "checkpoint friendly" laptop and trolley bags.  One padded compartment holds the laptop, the other carries your other items.  At the security checkpoint, your bag flattens out for the the X-ray scan and your laptop stays in the bag.  On the other side, grab the handle and go.  The Air Travel > Passenger Products section has other sources for luggage and useful items.

Pilots Connect

Pilots Connect  - Find and network with pilot friends from around the world.  There are great features such as groups, forum, blogs, events, photos, videos and much more.  Share your layover experience or search for things to do at a layover.  Play over 2000 arcade games.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities section for other social groups.

Bravo Bravo Aviation

Bravo Bravo Aviation  - Aviation "profile prints" for sale.  These highly accurate side view drawings of aircraft make wonderful presents for aviation enthusiasts as well as veterans and service members.  These range from wood-and-canvas World War One biplanes to the classic warbirds of World War Two and state-of-the-art 21st century jet aircraft.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork > Aircraft Profiles section for other profile sites.

Where I've Been

Where I've Been  - An online travel community.  Share your destination reviews, create your own travel map and put it on Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, Myspace, Hi5, Wib, or your blog to show your friends where you've been, where you've lived, and where you want to go.  Also, other community features like chat, forums, games, news, trivia.  Currently in beta.  The Aviation Forums and Communities > Air Travel Forums & Communities section for other communities.


iloho  - A place for travellers to interact and access travel information: news, airline reviews, inspiring itineraries, practical advice, travel photography.  Rate and review flights you’ve taken, join and create groups to ask for advice and share your tips.  Connect with other travelers and track your online activities.  The Air Travel page has other useful sites.

Indus Paragliding

Indus Paragliding  - This is a professional paragliding school in Kamshet, India.  Tandem joyrides and paragliding courses for Elementary Pilots, Club Pilots, and Advanced Pilots.  Located 100km from Mumbai (Bombay) and 50km from Pune city.  See the Paragliding and Parasailing and Paragliding Training pages for more.

Planehook Aviation Services

Planehook Aviation Services, LLC  - Experts in general aviation and space tourism security providing aviation security program risk assessments, acquisition assistance, and specialized aviation consulting.  They have some interesting podcasts, including a few on the TSA NPRM proposal.  Find more resources on the Aviation Security page.


profpilot.co.uk  - A comprehensive guide for the aspiring European pilot.  Flight school reviews, JAA pilot license information and where you can train for them (covering PPL to MCC), medical requirements, shop, forum and a (freshly emerging) blog.  The Aviation Training and Education > Training Resources section has other good sites.


FlightTrack - A live flight tracker for the iPhone and iPod touch.  View live flight tracker maps, see live flight tracking details, track and store unlimited airline flights, search flight arrivals and departures, check baggage info for flight arrivals, view real-time gate changes.  Pro-level international flight info.  See the Aviation Software > iPhone and iPod Touch section for others.

Everything Everywhere Travel Blog

In 2007, Gary Arndt decided to sell his house, put his possessions in storage, and travel around the world.  In the fascinating Everything Everywhere Travel Blog, he documents the adventure with a daily photo, descriptions of the locations, and an occasional podcast from over 40 countries so far!  Follow Gary on Twitter.


MzeroA is an aviation blog by a full time flight instructor dedicated to helping create better pilots through education.  Find up-to-date information on safety, news, and flight training.


Earthrounders  - A registry of pilots who have flown around the world in light aircraft (maximum weight 7000 kg).  It records the pilots and their aircraft in chronological order, and aims to inspire others who have similar flying dreams.  At the moment, the registry contains 277 around the world listings, 86 of them solo.

Airline Pilot Central

Airline Pilot Central  - This site for airline pilots provides information on over 100 North American airlines, career preparation assistance, downloads, pay comparison charts, and a very active U.S. airline pilot forum.  Find other great web pages in the Pilot Resources page.

Warbird Brewing Company

Warbird Brewing Company  - All-malt beer brewed by people who love beer and love airplanes, especially retired military airplanes known as "warbirds."  T-5 Red Ale, Mustang Gold Ale, Thunderbolt Wheat, Warhawk Pale Ale, and "Shanty Irish" Irish Ale.  You can listen to the Warbird Beer Show on Flight Line Internet Radio.

AirPigz Blog

AirPigz Blog  - This is an aviation "blogazine and podcast for anyone who loves to fly."  You'll find really engaging aviation contests, stories, videos and more as this new site unfolds.  Keep an eye on this one!  For more blogs than you can imagine, see the Aviation Blogs page.

Flight Global

2008: A year in review - top 10 videos  - Flight Global presents the most popular aviation videos from 2008: Cathay Pacific 777 low-level flypast, Martin Jetpack flies at Oshkosh 2008, Lufthansa A320 escapes after wing-tip strike in Hamburg storm , Miami police plans urban test of Honeywell's micro-UAV, B-2 crash, Saudi 777 lands with wing damage, SpaceShipTwo mothership runway trial, Rocket Racing Comes to Oshkosh, Emirates takes delivery of its first A380, and F-22 Raptor demonstration.  The Aviation Videos page has other sources.


Aerographs  - Timeless and distinctive professional fine art photography of various aircraft, with selected images for sale, directly from the studio as fine art prints, coasters, greeting cards, and other products.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork > Fine Art section for other sources of great works.


FlyCorporate  - A multimedia publication catering to current and potential operators and users of business aircraft.  Newsfeeds, newsletters, video, and a print magazine accompany the online portal, updated with news and reporting hourly.  Look for other good sources in the Aviation News page.

Aviation Alias

Aviation Alias  - These vinyl cut stickers let you display your aviation alias on most hard surfaces like flight kits, car windows, laptop computers, and notebooks.  For example, B747 = "Eighteen Wheeler," A320 = "The Bus," MD-80 = "Mad Dog," and CRJ-200 = "Barbie Jet200."  Decals vary in size but are roughly five by four inches.  If they don't have your plane they'll try to create one for you.  Find other items in the Aviation Merchandise > Pilot Shops and Crew Supplies section.

Hybrid Aircraft Corporation

Hybrid Aircraft Corporation  - Their expertise focuses on a class of hybrid aircraft that combines the advantages of aerodynamic lift derived from the lifting-body hull shape (like an airplane) and efficiencies of lighter-than-air derived from the buoyancy of the helium filled envelope (like an airship).  They call the technology approach SkyCat and the cargo version the SkyFreighter.  The Airships & Balloons page has other interesting sites.


SimpliFlying  A blog offering "refreshing airline branding insights" by Shashank Nigam.  Read about the issues that affect airlines and how they manage their brands, what they’re doing right, and what they can do better.

Flying with Rand

Flying with Rand  - This B-757 captain for a major U.S. airline (and 727 before that) is also an aviation writer, photographer, and historian with more than 50 articles published in a variety of aviation magazines.  On this site, you'll find a Tailwheel Manual (written for his students), some great photography, and lots of other items of interest to pilots from GA on up.  Rand also writes a blog, Rand Peck, a Life Aloft.  Find other great web pages in the Pilot Resources page.

Grayout Aerosports

Grayout Aerosports  - A one stop shop for everything aerobatic in the U.S. Midwest: upset and emergency maneuver training, proficiency for that next aerobatic competition, airshow performances, and exhilarating airplane rides.  Based at Hendrick's County Airport, just west of Indianapolis, Indiana.  If you let them know what airport is closest, they'll come to you.  Look in the Aviation Aerobatics page for other sites.

Around the Pattern Aviation Blog

Around the Pattern Aviation Blog  - Even after 40 years in aviation, this guy learns something every time he flies.  A retired military pilot who flies for pleasure and professionally, he has around 10,000 hours of flight time.

Le Cirque Volant

Le Cirque Volant  - This is a magazine available on the Net in PDF form with the subtitle: The Aviation Photographers Journal.  The magazine contains high quality aviation images, in-depth photographic articles about specific aircraft, and articles about aviation photographers and technique.  Find other aviation picture sites in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork section.

FlightMaster Aviation GPS

FlightMaster Aviation GPS  - Software that turns your PalmOS PDA or PalmOS Treo Phone and GPS receiver into a powerful aviation GPS navigation system.  A current Jeppesen NavData database is included with airports, navaids, airspace and airways covering the USA, Canada, Europe and Africa.  More areas of coverage are planned in the future.  The Aviation Software page has many other applications.

A Pilot's Story

A Pilot's Story  - This film will portray the story of flight as told by pilots: what the first solo is like, what the last flight meant, and everything in between.  It's being filmed in hangars and homes, at restaurants and on ramps, anywhere you find notable pilots and pilots who are just average people - if any pilot can be considered "average."  Donations in support of this important documentary are needed and welcome.  Follow the adventure in the A Pilot's Story blog.  Also, see the Aviation Videos and Animation page for other video sites.

Aerial Archives

Aerial Archives  - A large collection of stock aerial photography for a variety of clients: oblique aerial photography for advertising, public relations and corporate communications, infrared aerial photography, aerial photographs of cities, commercial real estate, and the environment, aerial maps, aerial video and film and historic aerial images.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page for other sites.


Wings4Aviators  - Custom-embroidered aviator apparel.  Personalize a shirt or jacket with wings for your branch and length of service.  Add your personalization: name, call sign, squadron name.  They'll embroider your item to order with up to 12,000 finely layered stitches.  Find other items in the Aviation Merchandise > Apparel section.

Women in Corporate Aviation

Women in Corporate Aviation  - A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization made up of aviation professionals including flight department personnel, FBO managers, writers, students, training center professionals, and many others.  They network, promoted career opportunities in business aviation, and serve as role models to the next generation of aviation professionals.  The Women in Aviation page contains many more resources.

Dare to Move

Dare to Move  - A distributor and retailer specializing in aviation art prints that range from the beginning of flight to the present day.  Civil, commercial, military, and space prints.  Some are signed by the pilots and astronauts that have made history.  Secure sales online or over the phone.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork > Fine Art section for other sources of great works.


eFlite  - The eFlite Aviator Pro weight and balance software calculator compliments your flight planning arsenal of tools, and is available for all aircraft and helicopters.  It runs on a pen tablet, desktop and laptop computer, and even PDA smartphone mobile devices like the Pocket PC, iPhone, and BlackBerry.  The Aviation Software page has many other applications.

the hoglog blog

the hoglog blog  - Aviation and life presented and discussed by aviation writer, humorist, and self-described "professional smart-ass" Kevin Garrison.  This blog provides the kind of aviation wit and wisdom that can only come from years of experience, most of it flying.  For more blogs than you can imagine, see the Aviation Blogs page.

AirVids.Net Aviation Video Channel

AirVids.Net Aviation Video Channel  - Watch aviation videos at this site: airliners, military, air crashes, cockpit videos, air racing, and more.  View, share, and upload your own aviation videos.  For other sites with aviation videos, see the Aviation Videos and Animation page.


Bluenity  - A community created by Air France-KLM for member of their Flying Blue frequent flyer program.  Flyers receive alerts if other members are on the same flight, and participants can swap tips, show personal profiles, or arrange to meet.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities section for other social groups.

Crossing The Skies

This new blog intends to gather a lot of technical aeronautical information: airports, aerodynamics, airlines, airplanes, and so on.  Initial posts cover ETOPS, airport planning, and fuel jettison.

Living Warbirds

Living Warbirds  - Producing a DVD video series featuring vintage and current military aircraft.  "Living Warbirds: P-51 Mustang" takes a close up look at arguably the most popular World War II fighter airplane.  "Living Warbirds: Raw Action" offers no naration and no music - just screaming pistons and jets from over 30 warbirds.  DVD trailer and video clips available now.  DVD's available in 2009.  More videos in the Aviation Videos and Animation page.

Flight Stick.org

Flight Stick.org  - This is the flight simulation website with weekly content on flight simulators, news, reviews, aircraft, downloads and much more on FSX, FS2004, X-Plane, and IL2 Sturmovik.  Content ranges from pictures, to screenshots, videos, and real world aviation.  This is a new site looking for your support.  The Flight Simulation page has lots of other resources for flight simmers.

Flight Stick.org

Bloodhound SSC  - This project seeks to break the current land speed record (763 MPH) using a vehicle powered by a jet engine from a Typhoon fighter and a rocket engine.  Their goal is to exceed 1000 MPH!  The team of British engineers, designers, mathematicians, and technologists hope to tell a new story of science that will fascinate and inspire all those who hear it.  This is so cool it became my pick of the week on the Airplane Geeks Podcast.


In "Sometimes Alternates Fly - My Ride with the USAF Thunderbirds," podcaster Stephen Force takes you with him on his once-in-a-lifetime adventure flying in an F-16.  This recording is about as real as it gets without actually being there.  It's long, but it's a must-listen podcast for any aviation enthusiast.

Bin Hog

Bin Hog  - Unique embroidered luggage handle wraps with many different phrases and designs to choose from.  Find your bags quickly in the overhead bin or on the carousel, or just enjoy a fun way to express yourself with many different styles.  Personalized orders are welcome.  The Air Travel > Passenger Products section has other useful items.

Vertical Reference

Vertical Reference  - This online helicopter reference has forums, helicopter jobs, flight schools directory, career development information, and a variety of other content.  This site is for helicopter pilots, students, mechanics, employeers, flight schools, businesses, and enthusiasts.  Look in the Helicopters and Gyroplanes page for other sites.

Airline Codes.net

Airline Codes.net  - This site provides a searchable listing of all the codes currently used by airlines and airports.  It contains a complete listing of all IATA and ICAO 2-, 3- and 4-letter codes.  See the Airlines > Airline Codes section for other sites.


Triple Orbit, Inc.  - A graphic design and Internet development company that specializes in web development, print design, and photography for the aviation industry.  The company, located in Casper Wyoming, was founded in 1999 for the purpose of providing affordable and creative marketing collateral and Internet solutions to airports, fixed based operators, flights schools, and other aviation related businesses and organizations.  See the Website Design, and Hosting page for additional resources.


AFBlueTube  - The YouTube channel hosted by the U.S. Air Force Public Affairs Agency contains news and information from the U.S. Air Force.   Airmen can share their videos and stories: from funny, to poignant, and everything in between.  More videos in the Aviation Videos and Animation page.

Out Of The Blue Aviation

Out Of The Blue Aviation  - Flight training, rentals, pilot supplies, and Espresso too!  This Part 61 school and Cessna Pilot Center has a variety of aircraft to choose from and offers Sport, Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI courses as well as Biennial Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Courses, and many free seminars and activities designed to improve and enhance your flying experience.  Arlington, Washington.  The Aviation Training and Education section has other good resources.

SR-71 Blackbird Photo Collection

SR-71 Blackbird Photo Collection  - This large SR-71 photo collection from NASA offers the ability to download the images in different resolutions - some pretty high.  There is an accompanying description of the photo, as well as a detailed description of the project.  (Credit to AirPigz for this one.)  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page for other sites.

Sky-Lens 'Aviation'

Sky-Lens 'Aviation'  - An aviation events and airshow magazine published in Europe that is an artful combination of text and truely outstanding photographs by a French media writer and aviation photographer.  Lots of good aerial shots and environmental images at ground level that capture activities of the event.  News, daily reports online from airshows, and photographic reports worldwide.  It focuses on little-visited countries and events, as well as big events worldwide.  Find other aviation images in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page.


Fulldeflection.com  - An aerobatics and aircraft website for pilots and fans of sport flying: maneuvers catalogue, aerobatics news feeds, feature articles, aerobatics calendar, videos, and more.  The Reb Bull helicopter doing back flips is particularly impressive!  Look in the Aviation Aerobatics page for other sites.


AeroWeather  - Get current weather conditions (METAR) and weather forecasts (TAF) on your iPhone for flight preparations.  Choose worldwide airport weather stations from the built-in database by either name or ICAO code.  Data will be shown in its original format or fully decoded into understandable text.  The Aviation Software page has many other applications, and the iPhone & iPod Touch section is sure to grow.

Spitfire Emporium

Spitfire Emporium  - This site is divided into two areas:  The Spitfire Emporium retail store with books, models, posters, prints, flight suits, videos, T-shirts, patches, pins, mouse pads, clocks, toys, satellite maps and more.  The other area is the Spitfire Archives with stories, history, facts and other information about the aircraft of World War Two and the men who made and flew them, with a special emphasis on Canadian achievements.  Learn more in the Aviation History page.

FBO Concierge Desk

FBO Concierge Desk  - An online travel, concierge, reservations, and trip planning service for private pilots and passengers.  Their travel counselors coordinate your ground services needs with FBOs at multiple airport destinations.  The Thirty Thousand Feet FBO page contains an FBO list and other related resources.

HeliTorque Helicopter Portal and Forums

HeliTorque Helicopter Portal and Forums  - This active helicopter forum has international members from all sectors of the helicopter industry.  It's a great place to torque, chat and chill with other helicopter pilots and industry personnel.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities section for other forums.

Yay! Planes

Yay! Planes  - This is a DVD for kids who love airplanes.  Argyle and Jim teach kids about airplanes and introduce them to the parts of an airplane, the shapes that airplanes are made from, and how planes fly.  Watch takeoffs and landings, and go up in an airplane high above farms, streets, houses, and people.  Use the coupon code "30thousandft" to get an additional $2.00 off on your order.  The Youth in Aviation page has lots of other resources for future aviators, their parents, and their teachers.

Aerospace & Defence Network

Aerospace & Defence Network  - The ASD-Network is a widely-used business information platform delivering daily aerospace, defence, and aviation news.  They also provide events information, reports, and a source database with over 10,000 companies and organisations.  Look for other good sources in the Aviation News page.

RMT Aviation America

RMT Aviation America  - The Bateleur is a new generation of Light Sport Aircraft with a rear engine, jet-style canopy, and a composite body.  Models are to include a ready to fly LSA, a 49% complete kit, and a FAR 23 certified version, all with with either the Rotax 912S 100 hp, or the Rotax 914 115 hp motor.  See our Airplanes > Light Sport Aircraft section for other LSA sites.

Visual Strike Ware

Visual Strike Ware  - Specializing in thematic military designed unit t-shirts and military apparel, such as the VF-84 Jolly Rogers Navy Fighter F-14 Tomcat Squadron Unit T-Shirt.  You can find other products in the Aviation Merchandise > Apparel section.

Factory Direct Models

Factory Direct Models  - This direct source for your modeling needs, owned by former pilots, offers custom one-of-a-kind models and specializes in large display models for exhibits and museums.  They have over a thousand in-stock aircraft models, plaques, ships, military vehicles, signed limited edition models, private and civilian models, space vehicles, and much more.  Look in the Aircraft Models for other sources.

The Aircraft Engine Historical Society

The Aircraft Engine Historical Society  - A non-profit educational and historical society, open to the public, which fosters an appreciation of the people, art, and science associated with aircraft engine development, manufacture, and use.  The Aviation Organizations > Historical & Preservation Associations section has other interesting groups.


Alltop  - A very handy aggregation of the latest story headlines from aviation sites and blogs.  Think of Alltop as a "digital magazine rack" of the Internet - a great launch point where you can easily see what's going on in aviation.

Pilot Technical Net

Pilot Technical Net  - A brand new forum for flightcrew where you can learn something and share knowledge about aircraft systems, performance, limitations, and more.  If you enjoy a good technical discussion about airplanes, help get this forum off the ground.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities section for other forums.

Legend of the Skies

Skylines  - Also known as Vatobatics, this flying club lets you fly virtually any aircraft, anywhere on the VATSIm multiplayer world wide network.  Fly gliders, helicopters, fixed wing powered aircraft (including Commercial aircraft), and aerobatic aircraft.  The Flight Simulation page has lots of other resources for flight simmers.


ForeFlight  - An iPhone software application for pilots with aviation weather, AFD, flight plan filing, METARs, TAFs and more.  Stay efficiently connected to the preflight information you need when you are away from your desktop or aircraft avionics.  The Aviation Software > Handheld Software section has other applications of interest to pilots.


AviationRecord.com  - This site provides current aviation news arranged in a handy arrengement of categories: airline news, aircraft news, and airport news.  Also, sections for cargo, incidents, travel, and sustainability (green).  You'll also find news arranged by country or region.  Look for other good sources in the Aviation News page.

Student Flying Club

Student Flying Club  - This site promotes aviation interest to new students, as well as already licensed pilots.  It contains useful information in the form of pilot journals, aviation articles, air terms glossary, and flight planning tools including an online E6-B flight calculator.  The Aviation Training and Education section has other good resources.

Recreational Flying

Recreational Flying  - A leading Australian recreational flying website and discussion forum.  Includes a large online group of recreational aviators plus free flight planner, Google Earth airstrips, comprehensive weather page, photo gallery, video chat room and much more.  Find other great web pages in the Pilot Resources page.


Jetpedia  - This single-page site presents current aviation news items from a number of other sites, with links to the original content.  You'll find aviation news from aero-news.net, aviationweek.com, Avweb.com, planenews.com, skycontrol.net, aviationtoday.com, Google, and Yahoo.  Also, Flickr photos and YouTube videos.  The Aviation News page has links to other sites where you can find current aviation news stories and information.


BlacksBerry.com  - Custom Blackberry themes, some free and some for a small charge.  Aviation enthusiasts will enjoy the Aviation Icon Theme which simulates the instrument panel of a single engine airplane.  The custom battery and signal strength meters are particularly slick.  The Aviation Software > Screen Savers, Cursors, and Desktop Themes section has other items of interest for aviation enthusiasts.


OneStopPilot  - A site with summaries of major airlines, their recruitment policies, and links to their sites.  OneStopPilot also contains streaming airline specific and general industry news, free reports, a newsletter, flight related games, recommended books and other products, plus more.  The Aviation Employment page has other helpful sites.


NZAviation.com  - An online resource and community where pilots and wannabe pilots can find information about aviation in New Zealand.  The site includes news items from around the world, airport information, events, classifieds, and videos.  Find other websites for pilots in the Pilot Resources page.

B-25H Mitchell

Fly in a real B-25H Mitchell  - An authentic World War II vintage North American B-25H Mitchell, fully-restored to 1943 standards, is in Denver, Colorado for a two-month visit offering a chance to see living aviation history up-close and personal.  For a donation fee, you can purchase a 30-minute flight around Denver.  Amazing!

Low Cost Airline News

Peanuts! Low Cost Airline News  - This news page provides current airport and airline news and analysis from the Low Cost Airline sector, as well as airline profiles and predictions.  See these other specialized news sites as well: Airport News, Europe Aviation News, China Aviation News, and India Aviation News.  All are offered by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, specialists who provide strategic aviation information and data services to the aviation industry.   The Aviation News page has links to other sites where you can find current aviation news stories and information.

The Student Pilot Cast Podcast

The Student Pilot Cast Podcast is the chronical of Bill Williams as he learns to fly and earn his Private Pilot License.  You'll find both audio and video episodes, as well as interviews with other pilots and coverage of cool aviation stuff.

Dan Webb

Things in the Sky is a blog by a young student who loves planes and hopes to maybe enter the airline industry after college.  In this blog Dan Webb discusses and analyzes news events that affect the airline industry.

Flight Time Radio Forum

Flight Time Radio Forum  - A new forum to discuss everything you can think of regarding General Aviation.  EAA members, Sport Pilots, or anyone that just loves plane talk should have a look and help get this forum started.  See the Aviation Forums and Communities section for other forums.

Paper Pilot

Paper Pilot: Battle of the air  - This is just about the coolest "paper" airplane page you'll find.  You select one of three paper airplane types, then pick paper weight, elevator angle, and winglets.  Next, you practice "throwing" online by varying the angle and force of throw to get the greatest distance.  Finally, you "compete" with others that you select for the contest.  It's all great fun!  Look in the Models > Paper Airplanes section for paper airplane sites.