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            Table of Contents:

1) What is mta-ic.?
2) What is a "moderated" newsgroup?
3) What posts are accepted in mta-ic?
4) What posts are rejected from mta-ic?
5) What languages can be posted to mta-ic?
6) What is on the mta-ic Home Page?
7) What other FAQs are available for mta-ic?
8) Where is the most current version of this FAQ?
9) Who are the moderators?

1) What is mta-ic?

misc.transport.air-industry.cargo is the newsgroup 
for the discussion and sharing of questions, comments, 
ideas, and experiences of those in the air cargo and 
freight forwarding industry. It is a source for comments 
on domestic and international air carriers as well as 
providing a global forum of freight forwarders and 
shippers for questions regarding import/export 
procedures and specific country information.

The newsgroup is gatewayed and you may interact
with the group by newsreader, WWW, or email:

To join the AIRCARGO Mailing List , send an email to:  with SUBSCRIBE in the text.

It is important to remember that while supporters of 
this group include members of all major airlines, 
cargo agents, and trade associations, the responses 
and comments of the readership are not necessarily 
proven fact and may be subjective.


2) What is a "moderated" newsgroup?

This is a moderated newsgroup. When you post to an 
unmoderated group, your post will appear as quickly 
as your provider will allow, generally within minutes. 

When you post to a moderated group, your posting is 
emailed to a submission address and the moderator(s) 
forward the post to the newsgroup. The time it takes 
your post to appear depends on the frequency of the 
moderator(s) checking their email. Keep in mind that 
most moderators have other full time jobs and will
forward your post as soon as possible. 

The moderators of mta-ic. try to forward posts 
at least twice per day (or as needed). In other 
words, when you post, allow as much as 
a day for your posts to appear.   

The reasons for moderation in a newsgroup vary. 
mta-ic is moderated for the sole purpose of 
eliminating spam and abusive/inflammatory/ and 
illegal posts. It is the position of the 
moderators that there is no place in an 
informational newsgroup for this.


3) What posts are accepted in mta-ic?

Any question or comment that deals with air cargo
or the import-export industry is acceptable providing 
it is not spam, obscene, collusional, or otherwise 
illegal.(see #4) Posts that are off topic or better 
suited to another existing group will be returned 
with a explanation and a recommendation to post it 
to a more appropriate group.

4) What posts are rejected by mta-ic?

(The following are examples of posts that will be 
rejected by the moderators. In the event of a 
rejection, the post will be sent back to the sender 
with an explanation for the rejection and a copy of 
this FAQ.)

Advertising of a product or service is not allowed 
in mta-ic. For advertising, please see the posts in
the* groups.

Overhyped press releases or commercial content 
messages that are not of general interest to the 
majority of the readership are not allowed. 

Job listings in the air cargo and imp-exp field are 
allowed as long as they do not include "cattle calls" 
for sales people or reps. The moderators reserve 
the right to make that decision.

Repetitive posts from the same source, or responses 
that offer no additional information other than
 "I agree" will be returned.

Any abusive/inflammatory/obscene post will 
immediately be rejected.

Any collusional rate discussion or otherwise illegal 
post will be rejected. (Ex: anti-trust issues)

5) What languages may be posted to m.t.a-i.c.?

While the import-export business is by nature 
international, the language skills of the readership 
(and moderators!) is not. Currently the newsgroup 
will allow postings in English, Spanish, and Russian
only. As the readership grows, the need presents 
itself, and additional multi-lingual moderators 
are added, the group will open itself to other 

To translate posts to English, please use the translator:

6) What is on the mta-ic Home Page?

It is the Official Home Page for mta-ic and 
is the archive for all past posts to the group, 
copies of the most current FAQs, and detailed 
information and links for reading and posting to 
mta-ic for those with WWW or email-only 
internet access.

It is also the home of the largest collection of air 
cargo related links on the web. Over 1200 links to 
the home pages of air carriers, airlines, airports, air 
forwarders, organizations, services, periodicals, and 
other related newsgroups.

The mta-ic home page is currently down. 
It should be revived soon.


7) What other FAQs are available for m.t.a-i.c.?

Currently the "Welcome to mta-ic" FAQ is the 
only one released. 'The Air Forwarders Index' is 
available from our web site, and is posted to the 
newsgroup on a monthly basis.

Additional FAQs will be added  
Readership recommendations welcome

8) Where can I find the most current version 
   of this FAQ?

By sending a request to 
and including "Please send mta-ic FAQ" in the text.


9) Who are the moderators?

Current moderators of m.t.a-i.c. are:

Moderator: Michal Douglas 

Michal Douglas is a Director and Systems Administrator
for Coastal Air Transport, an air cargo operator since 
1981, servicing domestic as well as Mexican/U.S. 
routes of maquiladora, perishables, and oil exploration 
equipment. Mr. Douglas is also Director of Administration 
for Downtown Air Center, a Mobile, Alabama based 
high-volume FBO specializing in heavy aircraft fueling, 
fuel systems maintenance, and ground handling. 
Customers include 37 major carriers in the air industry. 

Moderator: Jim Powell 

Jim Powell is President of Transportation Development 
Group, a logistics consulting and training company 
specializing in the air cargo industry. Jim has 20 years 
experience in air freight and has held executive positions 
at a number of air cargo companies including DHL,
AEI, Skyway and Northern Air Freight. TDG is a certified 
IATA training school and teaches the IATA/FIATA Cargo
 Agent Training program for CNS. 

Moderator: Martin Brennan 

Martin Brennan is the Air Cargo Marketing Director for 
the Journal of Commerce and it's air cargo magazine 
supplement AIRCOMMERCE. He possesses over 
twelve years experience working with all the major trade
Air Cargo Shippers Conference, Air Cargo Inc., and 
Airports Council International. He is a member of the 
Kennedy Airport Airlines Management Cargo Committee
(KAAMCO), CLM, and the Air Cargo Association of New 
York. Prior to the Journal of Commerce, Mr. Brennan 
sold freight forwarding services for an international 
forwarder. He has extensive knowledge of carriers, air
cargo agents, shippers, couriers, airports and the issues 
confronting the air cargo industry. He travels worldwide 
and can be seen at all major industry events. 


This ends the "Welcome to m.t.a-i.c" introductory FAQ.

Questions and comments to

Written by: 

Michal Douglas 
Usenet Moderator for the Air Cargo Newsgroup


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